Impostor Syndrome

I read a statistic that most if not all PhD students deal with Impostor Syndrome.  That we think that we, as an individual, is just pretending.  Pretending to be smart, pretending to be an adult, pretending to be successful.  This article was focused on PhD’s but I think it can apply to any self knowledgeable … More Impostor Syndrome

The SELF Journal

I’ve got this new planner.  Called the SELF Journal.  Its a physical journal you can buy, or there is a link you can download it and print it off. The Best SELF Journal Its a method for organizing your day, as all calendars do, but also for figuring out what your goals are.  Then breaking … More The SELF Journal

Camping on the beach

When I was younger I would camp on the beach.  It was the best ending to a summer camp I could have imagined.  Three weeks of ocean research.  Whether it be about fish, lobster, chlorophyll, nutrients, anything.  I always chose the chemical aspects.  Biology just doesn’t do it for me.  We spent two weeks researching- … More Camping on the beach