Pushing vs resting?

When do you push yourself? When do you rest yourself? Pushing means you aren’t at your limit. Or maybe you can comfortably accept and take on a new project. It doesn’t mean to just occupy time. I think thats where I am getting confused. I have the time for more projects, but I don’t have … More Pushing vs resting?

Seeing sounds

All sounds can be represented as a something visual, to me at least.  It is usually a line, moving in a certain way- like seeing the sound wave.  But sometimes it can be more two dimensional, like visual snow. Not all sounds have the same picture.  For example a bird chirp might be like the … More Seeing sounds

A letter to autism

A letter to Autism. Yes.  I used that name.  Because I dislike that name.  No sense in toning it down here.  Call you what you are. I don’t like you.  No, more than that.  I don’t see you as “just another quality of me.”  I hate you.  I hate that I’m burdened with knowing you … More A letter to autism

I’m an observer.

I’m an observer.  I observe more than interact. This quality has major benefits for my job as a researcher.  I sit back, a step removed, and observe the situation.  I don’t meddle with my experiment as its happening.  I watch.  I don’t judge it, telling it how it *should* be or change something to get … More I’m an observer.

To partake or not…?

Thats the question that goes through my mind so often.  I deal with anxiety.  Plain and simple. But at the same time, it makes life not-so-simple.  If you look strictly at the diagnosis of anxiety, I deal with severe symptoms at times.  Well maybe a lot of times. That anxiety tells me I shouldn’t participate … More To partake or not…?